Transpara Breast Care

What exactly is Transpara Breast Care?

It is now possible to train computers to assist experts with many complex tasks. This is called Artificial Intelligence or AI for short. Transpara Breast Care is based on an AI solution that has been ‘trained’ to help radiologists to find more breast cancers and to help them find breast cancer earlier.

Transpara has, so far, been trained on over 1 million mammograms provided by clinical sources from around the globe! It is already making a difference helping to enhance breast cancer detection in over 15 countries including the USA, UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The experts at ScreenPoint Medical continue to train Transpara with more and more data and, therefore, we expect Transpara to get better and better at its job.

As a clinically proven AI deep learning decision support system, Transpara helps radiologists identify potential cancers more quickly and at an earlier stage. It is similar to having an additional doctor review your mammogram! Transpara is clinically proven to enhance the reading accuracy of a radiologist.

Here’s how it works

Analyze scan
Reading with

How it works

A 2D or a 3D (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis) mammogram is performed as usual
Analysis of the scan begins immediately, recognizing suspicious patterns learnt in its large database.
Decision Support
The Doctor reads the mammogram with the aid of Transpara, acting as a second pair of eyes.
Better Result
Transpara helps radiologists improve accuracy, confidence and consistency of the final decision.

Transpara Breast Care is peace of mind