For Women

Transpara Breast Care for Women

For many women, having a mammogram leads to anxiety, and if they are recalled for further tests, that anxiety can become worse. Waiting for results can be very worrying and some follow-up tests, such as biopsy, are invasive and sometimes painful.

In the majority of cases the follow-up test results will be negative which is a huge relief, but until the results come through, the worry can be extreme. One of the goals of the team at ScreenPoint is to spare more women and their families the additional worry of having to undergo unnecessary secondary and invasive tests. This is accomplished when the radiologist is assisted with Transpara Breast Care while reading the first test, the mammogram.

Transpara software carefully analyzes each mammogram it receives. If there are any areas of the mammogram that, based on its extensive training, Transpara believes your radiologist should look at more closely it will mark those with a diamond or a circular shape. Transpara also assigns the mammogram a score between 1 and 10 (a 10 score indicates that there is an elevated risk of cancer in the image while lower scores indicate very low to low risk). Transpara has been clinically proven to be as accurate as an experienced radiologist! Knowing that your highly trained, experienced radiologist has read your mammogram with the support of Transpara provides peace of mind.

Transpara improves accuracy, helping to find cancers earlier