What is AI?

A second pair of eyes

When a computer performs a task that usually requires the thought processes and learning of a human being, this is called ‘Artificial intelligence’.

Artificial Intelligence is the result of ‘machine learning’ – a computer developing skills and producing an algorithm after learning by repetitive experience – without the help of a human being.

An algorithm is a special computer program, a step by step or sequential procedure, to help a computer learn and solve a logical and often recurring problem. In its simplest form, long division is an algorithm. When you follow the sequence, you get the answer.

Artificial Intelligence has been part of our daily lives for years now. For example, airlines, cabs, couriers and other transport systems use AI to plan and improve routes and services. AI is also used in speech and facial recognition.

It is in medicine where many advances have been made, AI is now being used to identify and manage serious conditions.

But it is in mammography that some of the greatest advances have been made and where ScreenPoint Medical is leading the way. Transpara Breast Care is becoming an essential part of patient care.

Transpara Breast Care uses AI to give
the radiologist a ‘second pair of eyes’